Four ways to place an order with Poster jet Studio-use the one that's easiest for you!
1. Do everything on-line

If you are reading this file, you are already in our secure store! You might as well place your order-select the desired product, use pull down menus to  select available options. Some options require an answer to proceed. Click "add" and do the same thing with the next image. Then "checkout" where you can enter a credit card or use paypal to pay for your order. Be sure to "submit" transaction and you will see a "receipt" which you can print out. This is very familiar and similar to other e-commerce sites.  We will enclose a copy of the invoice when we ship your job.

2.Upload Image. Send payment and shipping information through

Send payment to account. You can add comments such as size, deadline and name and shipping address.

3. Upload image and call us at 800-545-8423 with your CC billing and shipping info.

You can send digital file as email attachment to but it would be faster if you upload them directly to our server

If you have files under 5MB and have broadband, it really doesn't matter unless there are restrictions on your ISP email service.

4. Mail a photo, slide or  disk with check, money order or CC#

Sandwich your original between two pieces of thick cardboard so the envelope can not be bent, enclose a personal check, money order or cc# and write a note describing what you'd like. Please provide email address and daytime phone number. Your original will be returned. Please add $1.00 extra for postage to return your photo or CD.

We don't make you fill out forms are go back and forth. We here to provide quality printing and make the experience enjoyable for you.